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K&F Concept South Africa

K&F Concept is a vibrant, innovative, company on the rise. Established in 2012 K&F have pushed the boundaries of innovation and integrated design. This focus and persistence have established a firm place for us in the forefront of a competitive market.

In the early days K&F Concept started out manufacturing filters and adapters for lenses. The extreme precision and quality required when manufacturing filters has manifested itself in the manufacturing process of all products coming out of the K&F stable.


With a team of designers and engineers and the advantage of inhouse manufacturing, K&F Concept is on the leading edge of innovation, design and most importantly quality control. With these powerful resources at hand, reinvention and a pioneering spirit has become part of our teams DNA. K&F Concept products are constantly improved and updated based on industry feedback. Our impeccable build quality, innovation and worthwhile features has gained both international attention and awards winning recognition for our range of products.

With outlets in over 200 regions world-wide and available in the internationally renowned stores of B&H and Adorama. K&F have established a large strong footprint over a short period of time and earned a name that is trusted around the world. This trust and faith in our products have become synonymous with quality and great value. When purchasing a K & F product, you can be assured that you are purchasing from an established and exponentially expanding brand. The use of top-quality materials and the precision machining of our components such as the knobs, clips and moving parts, is of a standard comparable to products in a much higher price bracket.

All the above is meaningless if not accompanied by great customers service and support. Our knowledgeable staff, no fuss warranties and inhouse repair and parts division makes for peace of mind when purchasing from our wide range of products. As a brand, K&F Concept are passionate about happy customers, your feedback good or bad, will be taken seriously. Should you have any questions or feedback please send us an email to

K&F Concept is proudly represented in South Africa by Cam-A-Lot.