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The K&F Collection of Photographic Filters

The K&F Collection of Photographic Filters

A Ultraviolet filter or UV is most often used to protect the front element of a lens as it acts a barrier as it does not reduce the amount of light entering the camera.


  • Filter out ultraviolet light
  • Protect the lenses front element
  • Reduce haze to improve clarity
  • Improve contrast
KandF UV Filter Classic Series Product Image

Classic Series UV

Affordable Quality Range

Nano-X Series UV

Premium Quality Range

Magnetic Kit UV

Contains a Nano-X UV

A filter to cut through reflections like on the surface of water or glass, were rotation increases or decreases the effect.


  • Removes reflections
  • Enhances colour
  • Enhances contrast
  • Enhances saturation
  • Reduce haze to improve clarity

Classic Series CPL

Affordable Quality Range

Nano-X Seiries (CPL)

Premium Quality Range

Magnetic Kit CPL

Contains a Nano-X CPL, UV and ND1000

Magnetic CPL

Contains a Nano-X CPL and Lens Cap

X-Pro System CPL

One system covering every lens diameter

A Variable ND Filter or VND allows you to dynamically adjust the amount of light entering the lens, enabling precise control over exposure settings in varying lighting conditions. It rotates to increase or decrease the extent of the effect.


  • Rotation controls light reduction
  • Allows for wider aperture shooting
  • Has tsimilar effect as an aperture ring on exposure
  • Loved by videos shooters for additional exposure control

Classic Series Variable ND (VND)

Affordable Quality Range ND2-ND400

Nano-X Series Variable ND (VND)

Premium Quality Range ND2-ND400

Magnetic Series Variable ND (VND)

No “X” effect ND8-ND128

A Black Mist Diffusion filter is used to soften harshness and bloom highlights for a glamourous image effect.


  • Removes harshness
  • Blooms highlights
  • Creates a more cinematic feel
  • Available is different effect strengths

1/8 Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion

Mild Diffusion Effect

1/4 Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion

Medium Diffusion Effect

1/2 Nano-X Black Mist Diffusion

Strong Diffusion Effect

A collection of kits and accessories that make up the award wining magnetic series. A range of easy-on-easy-off and even stackable filters.


  • Easy-on-easy-off
  • Filters are stackable
  • Magnetic lens cap available
  • All filters are from the Premium Nano-X series

Magnetic Variable ND

Adapter ring and Variable ND

Magnetic CPL

Adapter ring, CPL and Lens Cap

Magnetic Filter Kits

Adapter ring, UV, CPL, ND1000 and Pouch

Magnetic Lens Cap

Lens cap only, no adapter ring included

The award winning X-Pro system allows for attatchment to any lens diameter for ultimate filter compatibility.

  • Fits lenses (49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82mm)
  • Holds large round CPL
  • Fits square and rectangular filters
  • Uses the Nano-X range of filters


X-Pro Filter System

One system for every lens you own

X-Pro Filters

Add-ons to grow your system

X-Pro Accessories

Compatibility tools

A collection of products to protect and care for your valuable filters.

  • Filter pouches
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Lens Caps
  • Step-up and Step-down adapters


Filter Pouches

Store and transport filters

Filter Cleaning

Products to clean filters

Lens Caps

Lens and filter protection

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