K&F Lens Pouch; Neoprene Padded and Adjustable with a Lens Cloth | KF13.121

K&F Lens Pouch; Neoprene Padded and Adjustable with a Lens Cloth | KF13.121

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A well-padded and super-soft bag with 2 height options to fit multiple lens sizes, includes a free lens cloth

Main Features:

  • A lens bag with 2 pouch sizes, adjustable height to fit short or long lenses
  • The 1st stage pocket is ideal for lenses up to 13cm long
  • Extending to the 2nd stage pocket, the pouch can now accommodate a longer lens of 18cm
  • Ideal for lenses with a maximum diameter of 10cm
  • Note a lens hood can be quite broad this pouch will only accommodate a diameter of 10cm
  • Upper pocket folds down neatly if not in use making the bag smaller
  • Dual drawstrings so it closes snugly whether your lens is long or short
  • Drawstring fitted with squeeze clip and press-stud flap for extra safe keeping
  • Easy and convenient to access
  • Bottom pouch is made from a soft premium neoprene material
  • Top pocket is made from ultra-fine soft-touch microfibre material
  • A firm sponge base cushions and protects against impacts and squashing
  • Quality materials and stitching
  • Effectively protects against scratches, bumps and dust when transporting your lens
  • Normal size: 10×13 cm
  • Extended size: 10×18 cm

What’s in the box:
1 x Lens Pouch
1 x Microfibre Lens Cloth

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In stock

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Not just your average lens pouch, this K&F Concept protective lens bag is well designed to offer essential protection, with its extra layers of soft, snug padding and size adjustments.

From entry level to the top of the range, lenses are expensive, that’s why most photographers view lenses as an investment that can open many doors in the career of an aspiring photographer. The downside is that a simple scratch in the wrong place is all it takes to ruin its otherwise flawless performance. It is therefore absolutely essential to provide your lenses with maximum protection. To protect your investment, ensure your lenses are looked after by a padded covering especially when being transported.

A camera bag or backpack can go a long way in providing protection to lenses, cameras, and accessories when not in use or in transit. But camera bags and backpacks are not a one stop protection solution. While you can drop your lenses into a camera bag or backpack, they will still come in contact with other gear inside of the bag. Even more so when you are on the move and have a tight schedule. Over time these scratches take a toll on lens performance. When the lens's front element gets scratched, it can most definitely ruin your shoot. Or even worse, it can render your expensive lens useless. That is why K&F thoughtfully designed this soft padded lens pouch to protect lenses stored inside your K&F backpack. This lens pouch is a simple, yet essential solution to comprehensive lens protection. These pouches provide protection in your bag or even when you don't want to carry the entire camera bag and only want to carry a lens or two. It also goes a long way in helping to keep things in your bag organised. The lens pouch has an independent drawstring design to close off the pouch securely.

The bottom part of the pouch is made from thick premium neoprene material. Neoprene has excellent shock absorption properties, providing effective protection against bumps and shocks. The Neoprene material is also water resistant and protects against splashes and moisture. The base of the pouch is reinforced with a firm sponge mat for enhanced cushioning and protection against knocks to the base. The bottom inner lining is made from flocked microfiber. The microfibre is super soft to the touch and gentle on lenses, effectively preventing surface scratches from contact with other accessories. The lining extends past the bottom pouch to form a top pocket that can be adjusted to accommodate longer or shorter lenses.

The top pocket can be extended by simply pulling the microfiber top pocket upward. The top pocket’s height can therefore be adjusted to a snug and tailored fit for your specific lens height. Or it can be folded down neatly to save space, making the pouch less bulky. The lens pouch can extend to a maximum length of 18 cm and is suitable for most regular lenses with a lens hood. An adjustable buckle at the top helps adapt to larger-diameter lens hoods. The maximum diameter lens or hood the pouch can accommodate is 10cm. If you have a large lens or a large lens hood like those found on fisheye lenses, this might not be the bag for you.

Storing and removing lenses is quick and simple because of its independent drawstring design. Two separate and independent drawstrings control access to the pouch. The use of independent drawstrings means that no matter the length of your lenses it will fit snuggly inside the lens pouch. The drawstrings firmly secure the opening of the pouch, so no matter which way the pouch is facing, your precious lens will be safely cocooned in this pouch. The bottom pocket’s drawstrings are end capped with faux leather tabs to make gripping and operating easier. The upper pocket’s drawstring has an adjustable squeeze clip to control access. For added safety, a locking strap makes it virtually impossible for the lens to accidentally slip out of the pouch when the upper pocket is extended.

Like all K&F designs, this lens pouch is super attractive yet functional. The lens pouch is finished with clean and neutral grey colours, matching even the most stylish of camera bags perfectly. And of course, the exterior branding is accented with K&F’s signature burnt orange. Although the pouch is mainly for use inside your bag, it can also be carried separately outside of a bag. When carried separately outside of your bag, you'll have lightning-fast access to your lens, whilst still maintaining a decent level of protection. You can even clip it to the outside of your bag when trekking and hiking or when you need super quick access to your lens. On the inside of your bag, these pouches help keep everything in its place. This makes organising your bag a breeze. The pouch will keep your lenses separate and will stop them from shifting around in your bag especially if the compartment is on the large side. Keeping everything neat, organised and protected. The soft and collapsible nature of the pouch means it can be compactly folded and stored away when not in use, versus a hard case.

As the cost of any lens is way higher than the cost of the lens case, it is always recommended to comprehensively protect your lenses. It is much easier and far more cost-effective to protect the lens rather than repairing or having to replace a damaged lens. Having a lens pouch that can protect your lenses against bumps, shocks and scratches is absolutely essential for any photographer that wants to preserve their lens performance and extend its life.

Tip 1- to protect your lenses front element from scratches when shooting fit a K&F UV Filter. These filters are relatively cheap yet have 2 very handy functions, they eliminate UV rays for a clearer picture and secondly and even more importantly, they serve as good protection to against scratches to the lenses main front glass element. It’s far cheaper to replace a UV filter than a lens.

Tip 2 - before purchasing this item ensure that the maximum diameter of your lens does not exceed a more than 10cm across. Also keep in mind that if your lens comes with a lens hood and if you plan on storing the hood on the lens in the pouch, then you need to take into account the 10cm diameter limitation.


  • 1st Stage: Lenses up to high 13 cm and 10cm wide
  • 2nd Stage: Lenses up to high 18 cm and 10cm wide
  • Pouch inside diameter 10cm
  • Made of Neoprene and Microfibre materials


This package includes a Microfibre lens cleaning cloth. It comes in a vacuum sealed package. This keeps it in pristine condition until you want to open and use it. Once opened it can be used to clean lenses, filters, cameras, glasses, electronics, binoculars or any optical equipment. The cleaning cloth is 15x15cm large. You can keep the lens cleaning cloth loose in the bottom of your lens pouch so you have it with you when you need it.

Microfiber cloth is the ideal material for cleaning optical surfaces. The synthetic fibres are ultra-fine, creating a large surface area in which to absorb dust, smudges and fingerprints or other dirt. K&F use high-grade imported optical microfibre, which is extremely soft to the touch and very densely woven. This ensures delicate cleaning power for sensitive optical surfaces like lenses. The microfibre used does not lint and leave behind particles on cleaned surfaces. The effective dirt absorbent qualities of the microfibre means you won’t need to repeatedly scrub sensitive optical surfaces, which over time could scratch these surfaces. The cloths are reusable, but it is important to wash them before using them on a sensitive surface again, to ensure that old dirt does not cause surface scratches. The pure white colour of the microfibre fabric helps dirt contrast, so it is easy to spot dirt on the cloth. The microfibre cloth is also a very versatile cleaning tool, as it can be used dry, or with cleaning fluid applied to the cloth. This means that these cloths can be used to clean a wider variety of different types of dirt like dust specks or greasy fingerprints.