K&F 18 Piece Step Up and Step Down Adapter Ring Set 37mm-82mm | SKU0629

K&F 18 Piece Step Up and Step Down Adapter Ring Set 37mm-82mm | SKU0629

R440 incl VAT

Adapters allowing the attachment of filters, hoods, flashes and lens converters with mismatched diameters

– Converts the thread size of your lens to the thread size of any other accessory such as filters, hoods, flashes and lens converters
– Includes 9 Step Up Filter Adapter Rings
(37-49mm, 49-52mm, 52-55mm, 55-58mm, 58-62mm, 62-67mm, 67-72mm, 72-77mm, 77-82mm)
– Include 9 Step Down Filter Adapter Rings
(49-37mm, 52-49mm, 58-55mm, 55-52mm, 62-58mm, 67-62mm, 72-67mm, 77-72mm, 82-77mm )
– Great fit with no wobbling or cross-threading.
– Special aviation aluminium alloy, high strength, impact, twist and pressure resistant
– Surface treatment: sand blasted and machine finished with a quality pure matte black
– Silk screened labelling
– Adapters are stackable allowing for larger adjustments

1 x 37mm-49mm Step-up ring
1 x 49mm-52mm Step-up ring
1 x 52mm-55mm Step-up ring
1 x 55mm-58mm Step-up ring
1 x 58MM-62mm Step-up ring
1 x 62mm-67mm Step-up ring
1 x 67mm-72mm Step-up ring
1 x 72mm-77mm Step-up ring
1 x 77mm-82mm Step-up ring
1 x 49mm-37mm Step-down ring
1 x 52mm-49mm Step-down ring
1 x 55mm-52mm Step-down ring
1 x 58mm-55mm Step-down ring
1 x 62mm-58mm Step-down ring
1 x 67mm-62mm Step-down ring
1 x 72mm-67mm Step-down ring
1 x 77mm-72mm Step-down ring
1 x 82mm-77mm Step-down ring

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Out of stock

Now you can use your filters on all your lenses even if they are mismatched.

An age old problem for photographers is having to buy a filter for every lens they own. Typically a photography kit has a collection of wide, medium and telephoto lenses. The construction of each lens is somewhat dictated by its function. The result is they all have different front diameters. Each lens has a threaded section up front for screwing on a filter or accessory. These two parts have to be matched by their diameter. If your lens has a front diameter of 82mm you need to buy an 82mm sized filter. If your second lens is 77mm you are forced to buy a second filter. Quality filters can be pricy and add up when they need to be duplicated for every combination you own.

What is an adapter ring
Step up rings or step down rings, also known as adapter rings, allow you to use filters and accessories even if they are not the same size as the thread on your cameras lens. Lenses and filters come in a large range of types and sizes and unfortunately they don't always fit together interchangeably. Within this wide range of possible sizes there is at least a level of standardization. Fortunately, there is a step up or step down filter for just about any need.

How step up rings work
Step up rings provide a way to fit a larger diameter filter or accessory onto a smaller lens. Every adapter is a metal ring with a male and a female thread. The male thread screws onto the lens, the female thread accepts the accessory. In the case of a step up ring, the male thread is a smaller size and screws onto your lenses threading. The opposite side has the larger diameter female thread, to which you can then attach the filter or accessories or even more step up rings to match diameters 2 or more steps larger.

How step down rings work
Step down rings work in the exact same way but instead provide a way to attach smaller accessories and filters to larger lenses. So their male thread attaches to the front of the lens, and on the opposite side of the ring in a narrower diameter female thread.

It is important to note that typically, the farther away from the lens you place a filter the worse the optics will be. It is always best to look for the thinnest adapter ring that you can find as these will keep the filter close to the lens. Stacking adapter rings or using step down rings may lead to vignetting as they become visible withing the cameras field of view.

PLEASE NOTE… K&F have full spares support in South Africa when purchased through an authorised dealer. Should you lose a locking knob or bend a tripod leg by accident, no stress, and no need to write off your gear. K&F South Africa can get it repaired and up and running again in no time. If you are looking for an excellent photographic equipment to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F product.