K&F 20 Full Frame Replacement Sensor Swab Heads for Cleaning Pen | SKU.1902

K&F 20 Full Frame Replacement Sensor Swab Heads for Cleaning Pen | SKU.1902

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20 Ultra soft sensor cleaning swabs, designed to remove dust safely without damaging your precious equipment.

Main Features:
– The swabs utilized for cleaning Full Frame sensors are crafted from extremely absorbent, ultra-fine optical microfiber.
– Their soft and delicate texture ensures that they clean safely without scratching.
– These swabs are 24mm in width so they cover the width of the sensor in a single wipe
– Easily remove dust spots due to their ultra fine weave
– They are flexible enough to lightly apply pressure to the sensor’s surface for even cleaning.
– They can be used dry for dust removal or wet cleaning fluid for stubborn spots or grease removal.
– To maintain their pristine condition until use, each swab stick is individually vacuum sealed.
– The compact size makes it easy to store and travel with.
– Heads are used with the K&F Cleaning Pen which is sold separately

What’s in the box?
20 x Replacement sensor swab heads for the K&F Cleaning Pen

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In stock

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If you own the K&F Cleaning Pen, you will want to top up with sensor cleaning swab heads.

This is a replacement pack containing 20 sensor swab heads. These work with the K&F cleaning pen which is sold separately. The K&F Cleaning Pen is a safe, easy-to-use, and affordable DIY cleaning solution for cleaning your camera sensors. This is the perfect product for people who have run out of unused sensor cleaning swab heads. Or even for those who are looking for spares. It is also useful for anyone looking for cleaning swabs to cover both sensor sizes. The K&F cleaning pen accommodates both APS-C and full frame sensor sized swab heads. So, you can buy a replacement pack like this if you already own the alternative sensor swab size.

The sensor is the very core of the camera’s performance. Dust particles, even the tiniest, can create blemishes on an otherwise perfect image, which is why keeping the sensor clean is paramount to the camera's performance. Camera sensors attract dust and smudges, particularly when multiple lenses are used on the same body. Eventually, cleaning the sensor becomes necessary and unavoidable. Especially on the new mirrorless bodies where the sensor sits so far forward and close to the opening.

The prospect of cleaning your camera sensor on your own can be daunting, as any misstep could result in costly repairs. On the other hand, relying on professional cleaning services can also be a financial burden, especially if you frequently shoot. It's a common predicament for many photographers who are unable to afford professional sensor cleaning after every few sessions. Especially as so many photographic shoots take place in remote and rural locations. Fortunately, many modern cameras have self-cleaning sensors that use ultrasonic vibrations to dislodge dirt from the sensor. While this feature can shake off loose dirt, it cannot effectively remove oily marks, making manual sensor cleaning necessary and inevitable. Luckily, K&F sensor cleaning swabs provide a safe and efficient solution for DIY sensor cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning your camera sensor, safety, product quality should be of utmost importance. Cleaning a sensor incorrectly can cause costly damage and scratches to delicate coatings on the sensor's surface. To prevent this, K&F prioritizes safety in the design of their sensor cleaning swabs. These swabs are not only cost-effective but also gentle on sensors, thanks to their highly absorbent ultra-fine optical microfibre. With a scratch-free sensor, you can capture blemish-free images with ease and reduce the time spent editing out dust specks in post-production. As there is little more distracting than a big, dark dot floating in the sky of every frame from a speck of dust on the sensor.

The sensor cleaning swabs from K&F are designed for easy and stress-free cleaning. The plastic swab handles are ergonomically moulded for comfortable use and their shape allows for precise and light-pressure application. Additionally, each swab is vacuum sealed and individually packed, making it easy to store in your K&F camera bag. The compact size and shape of the swab also make it convenient to carry around. Being individually wrapped ensures that the swab stays clean and in pristine condition until you need to use it.

The swab's soft front end effortlessly removes sensor dust with ease. Each swab has a microfine fabric cloth completely wrapped around its front end. The fine fibres of the cloth provide a larger surface area to absorb dust, smudges, fingerprints, and other dirt, making it ideal for cleaning sensitive camera sensors delicately. K&F uses high-grade imported optical microfibre that is densely woven and extremely soft to the touch, making it the perfect material for cleaning delicate sensors. It is non-linting, which means it does not leave any particles behind on the sensor, unlike cheaper swabs that would defeat the purpose of cleaning. When used correctly, the super soft fabric is safe for use on the sensor's surface and will not scratch or damage it.

Included in the package are 20 sensor cleaning swabs, each individually packaged and vacuum-sealed to ensure that the product is free of any dust or dirt that could cause damage to the sensitive camera sensor. Contaminated cleaning products can act like sandpaper, causing scratches on the sensor surface. The vacuum-sealed and hygienic packaging of these swabs guarantees that they are completely dust and dirt-free, protecting the delicate coatings of your camera sensor. Furthermore, the compact profile of the vacuum-sealed packages minimizes the size of the overall package, making it an excellent space saver when packing for a shoot. It's crucial to remember that each swab is for single use only, as reusing it may result in old dirt causing scratches on the sensor. Before using the swab, use a blower bulb to remove any loose dust or dirt particles that can be easily eliminated by air. Having one of these swabs on hand for every shoot can save you the trouble of dealing with a dirty sensor and losing an entire day's work.

The K&F Full-Frame Sensor Cleaning Swabs offer a cost-effective way to safely clean your camera sensor. For more effective cleaning, you can use alcohol-free cleaning fluid. The swabs allow you to easily eliminate stains, smears, fingerprints, and dust from your sensor. Taking the time to clean saves you time in the long run by avoiding the headache of fixing these issues in post-production. These swabs are compact and easy to store in your bag when traveling, making them a convenient solution for on-the-go cleaning.

Cleaning your sensor:

  • Clean your camera’s exterior and make sure your battery is fully charged before cleaning the sensor. Do your cleaning in a clean room or space out of the wind. Gather all tools and cleaning products before starting to clean.
  • Most cameras can clean the sensor through the built-in ultrasonic vibration. This shakes the sensor to knock the dust off the sensor. This is unfortunately not always enough.
  • Your DSLR camera will also have a function for cleaning your sensor by locking the mirror up. When you activate this the mirror moves into the up position and the shutter opens allowing access to the sensor if you have removed your lens. (It won’t do this unless your battery is well-charged)
  • Do not touch the sensor, use a blower bulb to blow out dust and hairs while holding and facing the camera opening pointing down, so loosened dirt falls out of the camera body.
  • Apply a small amount of sensor cleaning fluid to the tip of the swab (1-2 drops) wait about 10 seconds for the fluid to absorb into the swab and for some excess fluid to evaporate.
  • Wipe the sensor with a wettened swab. Start on one edge, with a light and gentle pressure wipe to the other side. Then flip the tongue's face and wipe back to the other side.
  • Throw the swap stick away they are single-use only.
  • Switch off your camera to return the shutter and mirror to its default position. Replace your lens with the body.
  • After cleaning, attach the lens as quickly, leaving the insides of the camera exposed for the shortest time possible.
  • To test if the sensor is clean, shoot a clear blue sky, open the image in Photoshop, and apply auto levels. This forces a very high contrast which shows up dirt very, very well.
  • If you find lots of dirt start the process all over again having taken note of where the dust was on the sensor.
  • To swap lenses turn off the camera so the sensor has a less static charge to attract dust.
  • K&F Concept and its resellers shall not be held liable for any damages caused when cleaning your sensor.