K&F Angle Arm Attachment an Upgrade for your Tripod | KF31.037

K&F Angle Arm Attachment an Upgrade for your Tripod | KF31.037

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This Multi-Angle Arm’s versatility allows for over-table, top-down, low-angle shots and so much more.

Main Features:
– Rotatable multi-angle arm for top-down, over-table, and extreme low-angle shots
– Remove you head from your tripod, attach the arm in it’s place and add the head to the end of the arm
– Choose an angle, slide the arm in or out and lock it in position
– 30cm Horizontal arm for more reach
– Professionally manufactured of magnesium aluminium alloy for strength and durability
– Equipped with 1/4” and 3/8” screws to be compatible with your tripod
– Sturdy aluminium construction and locking system, with a 5Kg load capacity

Note: a tripod head is not included with this product

What’s in the box?
1 x Multi-angle arm
1 x Swivel bracket with lock
1 x Threaded Connector
1 Year Warranty

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Out of stock

How to upgrade your tripod to achieve more creative and flexible shooting positions with the K&F Angle Arm Attachment.

Explore exciting, new creative possibilities with your photography. This is a practical and versatile upgrade to improve the functionality of your existing tripod. The angle arm attachment offers the ability to position your camera with far more control and flexibility. The main advantages are the ability to shoot top down for table top work. Being able to extend over a table where the tripod legs usually limit how close to a subject you can get. As well as the ability to get much higher or lower than you are currently able to.

The K&F Concept Angle Arm is designed to work on your existing tripod. You detach the head from your tripod by unscrewing it. In its place you screw on the swivel bracket. This bracket has a 3/8'' thread which is the standard size coming out of most tripod centre columns for head attachment. If your tripod makes use of a 1/4" thread, an adaptor is included for additional compatibility. Now you can re-attach your head to the arm. A threaded screw is supplied to join these two parts. It has both 1/4'' and 3/8'' threading with a nut that can wound up or down the shaft for exceptional compatibility and adjustability. With the angle arm attached it can live in place or be removed to suit your needs.

The K&F Concept Angle Arm is great for getting higher or lower shots than you are currently able to. It offers further configurability as it is not constrained to horizontal usage. If you shoot products, tabletop work, top-down, food or macro photography, you will find this an especially valuable tool. Gaining 30cm of horizontal arm reach gives you new shooting options without sacrificing too much stability. The more you shift the center of gravity, the more susceptible your tripod is to fall over. This arm comes with a hook so a sandbag can be attached to increase its stability.

Benefits of Using an Angle Arm Attachment
- More creative possibilities: The angle arm attachment allows you to shoot from different angles and perspectives that were not possible before.
- More flexible shooting positions: The angle arm attachment gives you more control over the position and orientation of your camera.
- More efficient workflow: The angle arm attachment saves time and effort by allowing you to adjust the camera position without having to move the tripod.

The angle arm attachment is great for getting higher or lower shots than a typical tripod allows for. This can open a world of creative possibilities. Where it really shines is top down or over table work. It often happens that you are trying to get closer to your subject, but the tripod legs are limited by the edge of the table. Or you want to shoot from overhead but the head can’t shoot straight down, especially not without getting the legs in the shot. Being able to move the camera towards the subject, or even over it, make this arm a serious upgrade over the current limitations of a typical tripod. That is why this is a beloved accessory, especially to photographers shooting macro, food, studio or product photography. The rotatable and multi-angle arm makes it easy to get the shot you want.

Features of the K&F Concept Angle Arm
- High-quality construction: The angle arm attachment is made of durable and lightweight materials that can withstand heavy use and abuse.
- Easy installation: The angle arm attachment can be easily attached and detached from your existing tripod without any tools or special skills.
- Versatile compatibility: The angle arm attachment works with most tripods that have a standard 3/8'' thread or a 1/4" thread with an adaptor.
- Adjust: The angle arm attachment can slide forward or back, rotate or be angled according to your needs.
- Lock: tightening the swivel lock holds your camera in place as the tilting and rotation are locked by the one mechanism.
- Hook for sandbag: The angle arm attachment comes with a hook that allows you to attach a sandbag for increased stability.

If you want to upgrade your tripod and take your photography skills to new heights, consider getting an angle arm attachment like the K&F Concept Angle Arm. With its practical and versatile design, this accessory can help you achieve more creative and flexible shooting positions, explore exciting new possibilities with your photography, and improve the functionality of your existing tripod. Order yours today and start taking more unique and creative images photos tomorrow!

- Compatibility: 3/8" or 1/4" with included adapter
- Material: Magnesium Aluminium
- Capacity: 5Kg
- Arm: 30cm
- Rotation: 360 degrees
- Angle: 0-180 degrees