K&F Lens Adapter for Canon EF Lenses to Sony E mount Cameras | KF06.466

K&F Lens Adapter for Canon EF Lenses to Sony E mount Cameras | KF06.466

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Quality aluminium lens adapter with electronic contacts maintaining full lens functionality

Main Features:
– Powerful compatibility, mount Canon EF or EF-S lenses to a Sony E mount camera bodies
– Aluminium alloy construction for secure and smooth fit
– C/P function button to switch between Contrast or Phase Detection focus camera models
– Compatible with both types of focusing used by Sony cameras for maximum compatibility
– Detachable foot which connects to quick release plate or directly to an Arca style tripod
– Gold-plated electronic contacts for efficient signal conductivity and corrosion resistance
– Full connectivity and functionality of lens features
– Lens stabilisation, aperture control and Exif data maintained
– USB port for future firmware upgrades

What’s in the box:
1 x EF and EF-S to E mount Lens Mount Adapter
2 x Protection Caps (Front and Rear)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Allen key
1 x User manual
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Perfectly mount a Canon EF lens to a Sony E mount camera body while maintaining full lens functionality

No need to have to now splash out on pricy Sony E mount lenses for you Sony camera body. This K&F lens adapter will allow you to connect Canon EF or EF-S Lenses to a Sony E mount camera body. Being an electronic adapter, you maintain all original lens functionality.

Manufactured from high-quality materials and beautifully finished and accented in K&F burnt orange, this smart adapter with its features ensures perfect adaptability to mount your Canon EF/EF-S lens to your Sony E mount camera body. For durability and precision, all electronic interface connections are gold plated and the adapter is precisely machined from high grade aluminium. This perfection allows for smooth mounting of the lens to the body, a perfect fit, ensuring your lens and camera are well taken care of as no force is required. This adapter offers durable feature rich adaptability in an affordable, no compromise package. K&F have utilised their extensive knowledge and expertise in manufacturing their huge range of high-quality lens filters and adapters, to produce this precision lens mount adapter.

This smart-design electronically interfaces the lens and body to retain autofocus and all other features. You will still be able to adjust the aperture from the camera body and the use of lenses with built in stabilisation will still be functional. Lens stabilisation helps you still achieve sharp images at lower f-stops as it reduces camera shake. Mechanical adapters lose this functionality while this K&F electronic adapter is able to maintain all lens functionality. Upon the initial once-off setup the adapter has dual focus modes. These modes are selected by simply pressing and holding the C/P button on the side of the adapter on start-up.

The adapter comes with a detachable foot. It attaches or detaches with screws and an Allen key, all of which are provided in the box. This foot creates a mounting point on the adapter. When you attach a lens to the adapter instead of the camera body you shift the centre balance point forwards. This now provides a mounting option further forward than using the camera body as your attachment point. The foot has a 1/4” screw hole so it can be attached to any tripod quick release plate. The shape of this foot also allows it to be used directly in the tripod head with an Arca type mount. So, if you have a K&F tripod you don’t even need a quick release plate attached to your camera or your adapter, just pop the foot straight into the clamp on the tripod head.

Different Sony models make use of different focusing systems. If you find the camera struggling and failing to find focus you may need to switch focusing modes on the adapter.

  • Turn off the camera.
  • With the lens attached to the adapter remove both from the camera body.
  • Reattach the adapter and lens to the camera body
  • Hold the adapters C/P button in and keep it depressed while turning the camera on
  • The mode will now have switched
  • If you hold the C/P Button and turn the camera off, the setting will be stored and you will not need to repeat this process for this adapter and body combination.

Adapters offer great value for money as they enable you to use lenses you may already have with bodies which would otherwise be incompatible. Unfortunately, as with all adapters some focusing speed is sacrificed when converting between different systems or manufacturer brands.

The electronic contacts within the lens adapter enables electronic communication between the lens and camera. The communication ability between lens and camera is critical to achieve a seamless interface between the two components. With this electronic interface it is possible to retain accurate focus and exposure. The adapter allows for communication and control of the aperture and its adjustment. Mechanical adapters rely on the lens having an aperture control ring. Canon EF lenses do not typically have this. This would mean you would be unable to adjust the aperture as changing it on the camera body would not be communicated to the lens. Electronic adapters like this K&F model offer maximum convenience as they retain the ability to control and master the amount of light entering your lens for perfect light exposure and depth of field. This perfectly accurate autofocus feature offers peace of mind knowing that you are going to have clear, crisp, perfectly sharp focused pictures. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on the other things that make for a good image, like your composition and lighting.

A perfectly smooth and compatible mechanical fit between the lens, the adapter and the camera body is achieved due to the high quality of workmanship and high-grade materials used. Securely fitting your lens to the camera is a quick and easy process. A small simple twist is all that is needed to install the lens onto the adapter. However, for added safety a small push-button on the side of the adapter is required to be pushed to release the lens from the adapter. Aluminium, though lightweight, is an extremely strong material, so you can frame up and lock down that perfect shot with confidence, knowing your precious lens is securely supported. Being lightweight, the lens adapter adds absolute minimal weight to your overall camera and lens package, which is handy for those long days out in the field. The compact design is easy to store and takes up minimal space when packed in your K&F camera backpack whilst traveling. The adapter can also be left on the camera body and protected with the supplied protection cap.

The electronic contacts within the lens adapter are gold-plated, to ensure efficient signal conductivity and corrosion resistance. This allows the camera and lens to maintain a solid reliable connection over the years. Having a reliable connection helps to achieve autofocus, aperture control and transmission of EXIF information. It also supports the lens’ anti-shake function on your camera. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can access the full functionality and features consistently and reliably.

On the bottom of the lens mount adapter, there is a standard ¼-inch screw hole. This connection point on the adapter is perfect for attaching to a tripods quick release plate, as a secure mounting point. This additional mounting point gives you a balance point forward of the camera bodies attachment point, therefore providing a more suitable balance point when larger lenses are used. This mounting point bracket is removable using the included Allen Key.

So, if you are looking for a reliable EF/EF-S to E mount lens mount adapter, you have found it. Open up a new world of photographic possibilities by combining two different systems yet still retaining all the essential functionality and features at a fraction of the cost to new gear.

As with all K&F Concept products you can be assured of the highest standards in build and manufacturing quality. With full support and backup in South Africa and with a 2-year limited warranty you can be assured and have peace of mind when it comes to purchasing authorised K&F Concept products in SA. If you are looking for a great value, fully functional Adapter to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F Concept product.

What's in the box:

  • EF and EF-S to E mount Lens Mount Adapter
  • Front & Rear Protection Caps
  • USB Cable
  • Allen key
  • User manual
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty