K&F Gimbal Head for Long Lens Photography and Heavy Setups | KF31.033

K&F Gimbal Head for Long Lens Photography and Heavy Setups | KF31.033

R1, 890 incl VAT

Make your camera feel weightless and manageable, heavy-duty aluminium tripod gimbal with a 20kg load capacity

Main Features:

  • Perfect option for heavy setups and larger telephoto lenses
  • Quick release mounting plate allows camera mounting at the lenses centre of gravity, for perfect balance
  • 70mm vertical sliding range to centre the tilt axis
  • Durable and tough with solid aluminium magnesium alloy construction
  • 32mm Precision aluminium tubing allowing for a 20kg load capacity
  • 3/8-inch screw thread hole for connecting tripod, monopod, slider and other stands.
  • Sliding 1/4-inch Arca-compatible quick release mounting plate which is suitable for cameras and camcorders
  • 360° Horizontal Rotating Panoramic base with secure locking knob
  • 360° Camera pitch hinge with secure locking knob
  • Twist locking knobs sets your camera precisely at different angles, no shifting
  • Gimbal allows rapid movements of the lens to track fast-moving subjects
  • Secure and stable shooting platform
  • Embedded white contrasting degree markings
  • Quick and easy camera setup and take down
  • Weight: 1.7 kg, Height: 23cm

What’s in the box:
1 x K&F Gimbal Head Camera Mount
1 x Quick release plate
1 x ¼-inch to 3/8-inch screw thread adapter

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Only 2 left in stock

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Safely mount your heavy telephoto setup and move it like it’s weightless

There are a few reasons why Gimbal Heads are a favourite mount for wildlife, sports, event and even some landscape photographers. On a gimbal head you are able to calibrate the cameras position both forward and backward as well as up and down. This allows you to align the axis and the centre of gravity.

  • When you align the axis; the camera becomes very easy to move and to follow action in a controlled way as it rotates around the lenses nodal point.
  • When you align the centre of gravity; the camera feels weightless as it is not top heavy in relation to your tilting mechanism.

Is your setup on the heavy side? Well, if you are chasing perfect shots in a nature reserve, on a sports field or at a live event, chances are that you make use of a heavy telephoto setup. If you do work with a heavy telephoto setup, you require a very stable platform to shoot from. The tiniest of vibrations can have a huge impact on your images’ sharpness. Especially when you are zoomed in on a subject that is a long distance away. Along with stability, you also require a dynamic mount that allows you to move your camera to track your subject. But more than that – you need something to mount and carry all that heavy weight safely. See, safely is the key word. You need something that will give you peace of mind knowing your expensive gear is safely supported. You did not spend this much money on gear for it to just hit the ground.

When it comes to options for mounting cameras to tripods, you are spoilt for choice. Over the years many designs have come to the fore. Each with their different strengths and drawbacks. With each type catching favour with certain types of photographers. But, for you and your heavy telephoto lens only a Gimbal Head will do! It is the ideal mounting solution for your application. A Gimbal Head offers a strong, sturdy and stable mounting point. It can easily carry the weight of your heavy setup – safely. With a good Gimbal you also get the freedom of smooth camera movement, allowing you to track a moving target. A ball head pivots from a point well below the weight of a long lens setup. This means if you tilt forward or backward just a little, the leverage acting on your gear makes it feel extremely heavy. Tilt it down a little and it wants to fall forward and pull the tripod over with it.

The Gimbal Head benefits large and heavy telephoto photographers in 3 ways. Firstly, a Gimbal Head can safely mount and take the weight of a super heavy setup. Secondly, they mount to the lens not the camera. The camera is perfectly balanced as it is mounted at the centre of gravity on the body and lens. Minimal effort is required from the photographer when panning or tilting the lens, as the Gimbal Head carries the load of the camera. Thirdly, it allows free movement and easy panning. You can also let go of it and it won’t fall forward, it just floats where you left it. This makes the gimbal simple to use, perfect for when you’re required to make frequent adjustments or when tracking a moving subject.

Your tripod mount forms part of the foundation of your photography. If your foundation is shaky your images will most likely be too. You need to make sure the Gimbal that you are getting is up to task. With a K&F Gimbal Head you can be sure that you’ve got the right mount for the job without breaking the bank. It can lock up to a 20kg load, without compromising stability. With your camera balanced properly, the head creates an almost weightless feel for free movement and easy 360° panning. The head has a smooth fluid action ideal for sports and wildlife photography. The Panoramic panning base rotates 360-degrees for beautiful panoramic shots. With handy degree markings on the collar, allowing you to accurately pan at even increments, perfect for landscape photography.

This high-quality Gimbal head tripod mount is made of high-strength, lightweight aluminium magnesium alloy, so it is both portable and strong enough to support a load of up to 20kg. The high-quality materials mean you can quickly frame up and lock down your perfect shot with confidence, knowing your precious gear is securely supported. The Gimbal head locks down with secure precision and without shifting over time. This makes it a lifesaver for wildlife photographers and birdwatchers who have to stay still and concealed to snap photos of animals undisturbed in their natural habitat. The aluminium magnesium alloy is a very robust and durable material, so you can enjoy its smooth performance for many years. The anodized matt black finish is corrosion resistant. The compact design is easy to store and takes up less space when packed away whilst traveling.

Here is how to setup the gimbal head. Firstly, the camera needs to be balanced or calibrated on the sliding arca-type mounting plate. Balancing is achieved by mounting the lens of the camera at its centre of gravity so that it sits perfectly balanced on the mounting plate. Repeatedly repositioning your camera on the gimbal is made easy with the assistance of an inscribed ruler. You can accurately put your camera in the same place every time you take it off and replace it in the quick release clamp. Once you’ve balanced your camera perfectly, you can lock down the Arca-type quick release plate with a grippy locking knob. You can also adjust the lifting range of your camera when it is attached to the Gimbal. The K&F Gimbal Head has a sliding lifting range of 70mm. It also features a winged locking nut to lock down and hold to your desired lifting point. The lifting range is marked from 0 to 70mm in contrasting white engraved markings. The white on black contrast makes quick accurate adjustments possible. It also makes it very easy to repeat setups when you change cameras or lenses. All these features combined allows great freedom of movement in tracking your subject matter without limitation.

A perfectly balanced gimbal will let you swing the camera independently on 2 different axes with minimal effort. This Gimbal head provides both flexibility and stability and takes care of the heavy load for you. Perfect for any kind of wildlife or sports photography, where you need to track a subject.

The Gimbal head is securely screwed onto the tripod via a 3/8-inch screw thread hole and is compatible with most tripods, monopods or other stands. This makes setup and takedown of the Gimbal head quick and painless. The camera screws onto the Gimbal head shoe plate via a standard ¼-inch screw interface on a sliding arca type compatible plate. The mounting plate is suitable for DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and camcorders. The sliding action of the mounting plate allows you to perfectly balance your camera on the Gimbal head. The simplicity of mounting your camera makes it quick and easy to setup your camera for shooting.

The mounting plates is machined from aluminium alloy making it light and durable. It’s grippy rubber padding securely grips devices. The included mounting plate can slide forwards or backwards to assist with better camera balance, however the plate is designed so that it cannot slide completely out protecting your camera from falling.

The Gimbal head is finished with a corrosion resistant anodized matt black. So, if you are looking for a robust, durable and strong Gimbal Head that allows total freedom of movement, look no further than the K&F Gimbal Head. Buy it now, your wallet will be grateful too!


  • Gimbal Height: 230mm
  • Gimbal Width: 190mm
  • Base Diameter: 50mm
  • Pipe Diameter: 32mm
  • Base Interface: 3/8" can convert to ¼"
  • Load Capacity: 20kg
  • Lift Slide Range: 70mm