K&F CF-Prime Photography Tripod with Magic-Plate | KF09.093

K&F CF-Prime Photography Tripod with Magic-Plate | KF09.093

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Super Versatile Carbon Fibre Tripod with Monopod feature includes a 2-in-1 Camera Plate and Smartphone Clamp

Main Features:

  • Beautifully crafted out of Carbon Fibre and anodized orange aluminium alloy
  • Very handy detachable portable Monopod Leg option for extended functionality
  • 28mm precision aluminium Ball Head with 10kg load capacity
  • Supplied with a 2 Quick Release camera plates and a Magic-Plate
  • The Magic-Plate functions as a Quick-Release Plate and Phone Clamp with ¼-inch screw and cold shoe slot for audio or lighting accessories
  • Invertible Centre column for those extreme close-to-ground shots
  • 5-section legs with Twist Lock system and Non-slip Rubber Feet
  • Leg spread configurable between three angle options via anodized leg angle locks
  • Spirit Level Bubble built into head for quick and accurate adjustments
  • Precision-Locking Screws, Adjustment Knobs, and Clips all beautifully made
  • Maximum Working Height of 169cm
  • Compact folded size at 44cm
  • 25mm Maximum Leg Tube Diameter
  • Tripod Weight: 1.4 kg

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In stock

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Sturdy and Professional Lightweight Tripod with Multiple Device Adaptability

This lightweight, beautifully crafted Carbon Fibre tripod offers versatility as it can accommodate multiple devices at an excellent price. The telescopic tripod legs are crafted from Carbon Fibre, which are corrosion resistant and have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The 28mm Ball Head, and all knobs and locking screws are made from high-quality aluminium, making them strong and durable, yet lightweight. Shoot from your phone or a DSLR camera with the supplied Magic-Plate. Many photographers avoid using tripods because they find them heavy and difficult to manage. At only 1.4 kilograms, it is light, compact, yet super sturdy and strong, designed to be used on a daily basis. This photography tripod’s smart features and attachments which allows for a comfortable and versatile shooting experience. The high-quality materials compliment a feature rich and travel friendly package, with the foremost being the detachable monopod.


The Monopod function is another prominent feature, a really practical must have option. Simply unscrew the foam padded leg from the tripod to switch to a handy, super-light and portable monopod. The ball-head can then be attached to the monopod, giving you the functionality of a ball-head, as well as the quick release of your camera when required. A Monopod is ideal when maximum manoeuvrability and minimal weight is required, like when moving within crowds, hiking etc. It provides a stable, but mobile platform when shooting. This allows for lower shutter speeds on long focal length lenses. A monopod also helps to relieve the weight and creates stability on larger heavier lenses. When using the monopod function, an excellent height of 178cm can be achieved.


This tripods 28mm solid ball head is machined from aluminium alloy and anodized in K&F’s beautiful signature orange. The ball head is simple to use, perfect when trying to frame up a shot quickly. You can free the head, make the adjustments, and then lock your camera in that position with little effort. This ball-head can handle an impressive 10kg camera load which is comfortably more than the weight of most camera setups. The head has a beautiful fluid-head action making for a smooth 360-degree pan for those beautiful panoramic shots. With handy degree markings on the head allowing for an accurate pan, good for landscape photography. The head has a very convenient, built-in spirit level that ideal for quickly setting your camera perfectly horizontal when required.


As an added bonus, the KF09.093 Tripod also comes with a K&F Magic-Plate. The Magic-Plate is a universal quick release plate for both phones and cameras. The grippy, multifunction plate can be locked for use as either a regular quick release camera mounting plate or as a mobile phone clamp. The full length of Magic-Plate is a Arca-Swiss type design meaning it can be used as a full-size camera mounting plate in most K&F tripods. The large plate size, being larger than a tripods standard plate gives more stability to those larger camera bodies. An added advantage to the plate size is that there is adequate space to slide the plate in order to achieve that perfectly balanced camera. This is really functional when changing lenses and different sizes and weights are involved. Cleverly designed, the plate cannot slide completely through protecting your camera from falling. The plate comes with a standard ¼ inch mounting screw which is compatible with all cameras.


The Magic-Plate transforms to become a Mobile Phone clamp. So, it can be used as either a camera plate or phone clamp. While holding a phone in place there is a cold-shoe fitting. This is handy when mounting an on-camera mic or camera light. This versatile accessory is also machined from aluminium alloy and anodized in K&F’s signature orange, making it light and durable. It’s grippy rubber padding securely grips devices while protecting them from scratches


All official K&F Photography Tripods come with an extra quick release base plate, yes 2x Camera Plates are in the package. This particular model is packaged with 2 standard plates as well as the Magic-Plate. Really handy if shooting with multiple camera bodies or maybe wanting to mount it to a light if you are using your tripod as a light stand occasionally. Simply having a spare camera plate in your K&F camera bag can save your day. The base plate can slide forwards or backwards to assist with better camera balance, however the plate is also designed so that it cannot slide completely out protecting your camera from falling.


The tripod is equipped with a sliding centre column, with the column fully extended via an Aluminium twist lock knob, your camera can reach an impressive height of 169cm. The tripod has another wonderful feature for macro photography enthusiasts. The centre column is invertible, meaning inverting the centre column allows you to mount your camera below the tripod chassis for macro or other close-to-the-ground shots. Providing a stable and secure shooting platform, millimetres off the ground. The base of the centre column is equipped with a gear hook. A dedicated weight, sandbag or even a gear bag can then be hung from the centre column as a counterweight for added stability. The stabilizing counterweight provides a valuable option on windy days. Please ensure that the weight, including that of your camera and lens does not exceed the tripods maximum carry weight.


The Carbon Fibre legs of the K&F tripod have 5 stages. They are extended through a sturdy twist lock system allowing for a quick and secure height adjustment. The spiral locking knobs are lined with grippy rubber. The clever system does not allow the leg to turn when tightening, so with a quick turn the legs are locked. The legs open out to give you a well-supported and stable shooting platform. The orange aluminium push clip at the top of the leg allows for a quick adjustment, choosing between 3 adjustable footprint settings. The legs also have the ability to open wide allowing you to get the camera closer to the ground. This function comes in handy when shooting landscapes with low foreground or a reflection in a pond.


Carbon fibre is a very lightweight material, yet it is extremely strong and durable. With the largest leg tube diameter of 25mm, the tripod can support up to 10kg without compromising stability. Carbon fibre also has good vibration dampening properties, it’s temperature tolerant, and does not corrode. Having corrosion free legs will extend the usable life of the tripod and translate to less maintenance cost in the long run. The tripod feet are rubber stops, providing good grip for slip free legs. When finished shooting for the day, it all folds down to a very compact and manageable length of only 44cm, making it perfect for transporting in hand luggage or in a backpack when traveling.


This tripod offers the photographer a world of options and possibilities with its versatile features. Its light weight makes it less of a pain on the back to move around all day or when you have to carry it for longer distances. Your back will surely thank you. A well-padded, quality carry bag and shoulder strap is included to protect your tripod and help extend its life and good looks when in transit. Whether you’re a veteran looking for more options in a single tripod, or a novice delving deeper into the world of photography - this is a tripod kit that ensures you’ll be able to shoot a million different ways on any occasion.


PLEASE NOTE… Official K&F Tripods have full spares support in South Africa with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty if purchased through an official dealer. Should you lose a locking knob or damage a tripod leg by accident, no stress, and no need to throw your tripod away as you can get it repaired and up and running in no time. Everything you could want in a professional tripod can be found in this single package. If you are looking for an excellent tripod to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F Concept product.



  • K&F 28mm Ball Head
  • Tripod Weight: 1.33Kg
  • Maximum Height: 169cm
  • Monopod Maximum Height: 178cm
  • Tripod Folded Length: 44cm
  • Payload Capacity: 10Kg
  • Includes K&F Magic-Plate
  • Includes ¼-inch Arca type plate
  • Includes Quality Carry Bag with Heavy-Duty Zip and Padded Shoulder Strap.


What's in the box:

  • Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs with Monopod Attachment
  • K&F 28mm Ball Head
  • 2 x Quick Release Plates
  • 1 x Magic-Plate
  • Padded Tripod Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty