K&F Sling-Shooter Camera Bag for Travel and Street Photography | KF13.050

K&F Sling-Shooter Camera Bag for Travel and Street Photography | KF13.050

R790 incl VAT

A stylish, compact and durable sling bag, for the photographer on the move.


Main Features:

  • Shoulder Sling style DSLR and Mirrorless camera bag
  • Customisable interior, with configurable padded velcro dividers
  • Back, Side and Top access point to compartments and gear
  • Space to carry a DSLR with Lens and a spare lens or flash
  • Tripod attachment straps
  • Slim front pouch for 8” tablet
  • Drinks bottle side pouch
  • Adjustable padded sling for a comfortable fit
  • Made from tough water-resistant Polyester
  • Size 22cm x 14cm x 36cm, Capacity 7.5L, Weight 600g
  • Black with burnt Orange trim with light Grey interior

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Out of stock

K&F Sling-Shooter Camera Bag for Travel and Street Photography

Sling style backpacks have become extremely popular with travel and street photographers. It is a great way to carry a small amount of gear with you in a stylish and versatile backpack.

The Shoulder-Sling camera bag is small enough to walk around all day weighing in at just on 600g, yet large enough for a DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached. With space for 1-2 extra lenses or a flash and accessories. The two mounting straps are to attach a compact tripod or monopod. These handy straps can also be used to strap a rain jacket to your bag. With the straps mounted in the centre of the bag the tripod weight is distributed evenly.

The backpacks sling design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of your body, giving you easy and fast access to your gear. You can swap lenses, cards or access a flash without having to take the bag off and putting it down, all accessible while standing. An important safety feature of the sling function is you can simply swing the bag to the front of your body when shooting in vulnerable situations or when walking through crowds, limiting the chance of a pick pocket.

The main compartment has two handy access points. The largest access zipper sits on the back of the backpack which is a great security feature. The side access to this compartment, faces up when you rotate the sling bag to your front. Allowing for fast access to your gear and as you are then accessing gear from the top, you are less likely to drop anything.

Made from tough polyester 6000 the bag is tough and water resistant however also included is a rain cover which slips over the bag to add additional protection to your equipment on those really rainy days. With the padded dividers removed or adjusted this camera sling bag becomes a stylish general travel bag, ideal for on-the-go use!


What is in included:

  • K&F Sling-Shooter Camera Bag (KF13.050)
  • Rain cover made from ripstop nylon with K&F Logo
  • Configurable inner padded dividers
  • 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects