K&F Super-Compact Binoculars 10×25 | KF33.070

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High-definition images with 10x magnification and a wide field of view for everyday outdoor use.

Main Features
– Powerful 10x magnification in a compact form
– A large 25mm objective lens captures more light for beautiful images
– BAK4 prism great light transmission for bright images with stunning contrast
– FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens, the light transmission rate is up to 99%
– Central focus wheel to quickly and easily adjust focus for clear images
– With neck strap and carry pouch for on the go travel
– With a lightweight of only 256g
– Designed to be strong and made from environmentally friendly materials
– Frosted texture, ergonomic design, effective anti-slip and anti-sweat
– Liftable eyepiece supports, suitable for people who wear glasses and those who do not
– IP65 waterproof can withstands challenging and wet weather conditions

What’s in the box:
1x K&F Super-Compact 10×25 Binoculars
1 x Carry Pouch
1 x Neck Strap
1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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In stock

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Whether you're birdwatching, wildlife spotting, or enjoying live sports and concerts, the K&F Super-Compact binoculars give you a front-seat view of every experience.

Powerful binoculars are often bulky, and heavy. Compact binoculars may not be as powerful as you might like. The K&F Super-Compact binoculars are the perfect blend of compact design and powerful features.

Small and light enough to carry everywhere, powerful enough for an amazing view at great distances, and steady for hand-held use. These were made for the outdoor adventurer who wants it all in one. See nature and your surrounding 10 times closer and in stunning HD. The K&F Super-Compact binoculars are reliable, easy to use, and lightweight. Built for stable imagery with great magnification while delivering exceptional image quality. Suitable for outdoor experts as well as those who are new to using binoculars. The 10x image magnification gives you a much closer look while the objective lens lets in the perfect amount of light. Not just a great close-up view, but natural colours that showcase nature’s beauty. These are also user-friendly and therfore even perfect for children, making them an excellent option for the entire family. With features that punch well beyond their reasonable price point, the K&F Super-Compact binoculars are the perfect addition to any explorer's toolkit.

One of the first things to think about when you're looking for good binoculars to buy is magnification. Magnification is the key feature of any set of binoculars. The larger the magnification the closer your view, which is why you need binoculars in the first place. At 10x magnification the K&F Super-Compact offers all the power you need to give you a close-up, detailed look at things in the distance. A common problem that some people have when using binoculars with large magnifications is that they tend to be shaky. Shakiness can result motion sickness as well as blurring and poor image quality. Powerful binoculars may require the use of a tripod to steady them and get a clear image. Not the Super-Compacts. These binoculars are a rare blend of power and stability. So, you get a clear look at your distant view without having to carry or use any extra equipment, they are perfect in your hand.

Field of view
Another downside of large magnification is a narrow field of view. A narrow field of view limits how much you can see when looking through binoculars. This is especially problematic when you are looking at multiple or moving targets. When spotting birds and other wildlife you need to be able to see more without having to pan too much. The 25mm lens of the K&F Super-Compact allows you to find your target and see more so that you don’t miss out on other birds or animals nearby. See more in a single shot.

25mm Lens
The impressive 25mm object lens does an excellent job of gathering light which results in great overall performance. The multilayer coatings on the glass elements allow an impressive 99% light transmission. Capturing more light means you get brighter and sharper images. So, you not only get a closer but a better look at what you’re observing. This feature allows you to see all the magnificent colours in nature and shows you even the smallest details that you may have missed with the naked. Seeing such details makes it easy for when you looking for specific colours or patterns that distinguish birds or other creatures.

BAK4 prism FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens.
When using binoculars to explore nature, it can be frustrating to see blurry and distorted images. That's why the K&F 10x25 uses advanced technology to guarantee a crystal-clear view of your surroundings with minimal adjustments required. Affordability sometimes means compromising on quality by using cheaper parts. While others may opt for the inferior BAK7 glass prism to save on cost, the K&F Super-Compact binoculars use top-of-range BAK4 prisms. Better glass means better quality and sharper images with stunning detail.

Binoculars are built with multiple glass surfaces which light passes through. As light passes through it may reflect and scatter which can reduce brightness, contrast and overall accuracy. Beyond the use of the high-end BAK4 prism, all surfaces – including the eyepieces and the lenses are FMC (Fully-Multi-Coated. Multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens work together to provide a transmission rate of up to 99%. This means you have maximum colour restoration and the ability to enjoy nature's true beauty. With these binoculars, you can immerse yourself in the natural world and experience it in all its glory.

Focus wheel.
The focus wheel is an essential feature of the K&F 10x25 binoculars that allows for fast and easy focusing. Its design ensures a smooth and precise control that enables you to quickly and easily adjust the focus to your desired level. With this feature, you can spend more time enjoying the stunning beauty of nature and less time struggling with knobs and buttons to get the perfect focus. Even if you are wearing gloves. This feature is particularly useful for bird watching and other nature activities where speed and accuracy in focusing are crucial.

Weight: 256g
The K&F 10x25 binoculars are engineered to be easy to carry and transport while still being sturdy and durable. Despite being compact and lightweight, weighing only 256g, these binoculars are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The light weight makes them ideal for carrying in a backpack, pocket, or hanging around your neck while hiking, without adding excessive weight to your load. The compact size also ensures that they take up minimal space in your backpack or luggage.

Designed for outdoor convenience. Built with a mirror body and a hanging buckle, they can be easily attached to your backpack or belt, giving you the freedom to use your hands while climbing or hiking. The hanging buckle allows you to carry the binoculars hands-free, ensuring that they won't get in your way while you explore. Whether you're birdwatching, hiking, or climbing, these binoculars are the perfect tool for getting a closer look at your surroundings without weighing you down.

The K&F 10x25 binoculars are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure both durability and comfort. The rubber lens barrel is not only comfortable but also eliminates bad odour that can build up over time from dirt and sweat. This makes them ideal for long periods of use in the great outdoors. Moreover, the top-grade material used in the construction of these binoculars means that they are strong, durable, and can withstand the harsh elements of nature through many adventures. The material is environmentally friendly. As such, they are the perfect tool for nature lovers who are conscious of their environmental impact and want a reliable and long-lasting product.

Explore more and worry less. To ensure your comfort and safety during use, the K&F 10x25 binoculars are designed with a frosted texture, anti-slip, anti-sweat, and ergonomic features. The frosted texture of the binoculars provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the anti-slip and anti-sweat features provide added safety and stability even in damp conditions. This design allows you to hold the binoculars easily for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or hand fatigue. The anti-slip and anti-sweat features are especially important for outdoor enthusiasts who may encounter wet or humid conditions during their adventures.
Liftable eyepiece.

The eyepiece on the K&F Super Compact 10x25 binoculars are designed to provide a flexible and convenient viewing experience for users. By twisting to raise the eyepiece, you can easily switch between using the binoculars with or without eyeglasses. This feature ensures that everyone can enjoy the same high-quality viewing experience without any inconvenience or discomfort. So, whether you wear glasses or not, you can easily share your binoculars with others and enjoy the beauty of nature together.

IP65 waterproof.
Enjoying the outdoors doesn't have to be restricted by bad weather conditions. With the IP65 waterproof feature of the K&F 10x25 binoculars, you can be assured of complete protection against water and dust. With this level of waterproofing, you can enjoy your outdoor adventures in any weather condition without worrying about damaging your equipment. This feature ensures that even if it's raining, snowing, or dusty, your binoculars will remain in excellent condition, and you can continue to admire the beauty of nature without any interruptions.

These binoculars are the perfect blend of power and convenience. Powerful enough to really punch in on your view but steady enough to use without extra bulky equipment. Light enough to carry everywhere but strong enough to withstand tough conditions. These are truly all-in-one binoculars for all your viewing needs. With all of their high-end features, these binoculars come at a very reasonable price.

So, if you or anyone you love is going to be traveling, site-seeing, hiking, or observing nature, these binoculars are sure to enhance any outdoor activity.

Magnification: 10 times
Front objective: 25mm
Filed of view: 5.8 degrees
Prism Material: BAK4
Width when open: 108mm
Width when folded: 71mm
Height: 115mm
Weight: 256g
Light Transmission: 99%
Lens Coating: FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens
Weather Rating: IP65