K&F Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with PTZ Motorized Head & Solar Panel | KF50.0001

K&F Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with PTZ Motorized Head & Solar Panel | KF50.0001

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K&F App Based Wireless Security Camera with Motorized Head, Solar Panel, Night Vision and Motion Detection.

Main Features:

  • 100% cable free, simple DIY setup
  • Solar Panel included for charging the large 14400mAh built-in battery
  • Camera connects to your Wi-Fi network and is viewable from anywhere
  • Get full access to your cameras via the user friendly CloudEdge App
  • Motorized PTZ camera head controlled via the App greatly increases area of coverage
  • 2-way intercom audio to hear and talk back, ideal for access control
  • Night alarm alert function with bright flashing on camera LED’s & Siren
  • MicroSD card slot for internal video recording of all motion detection, so no subscriptions or accounts needed
  • Motion detection up to 10m with adjustable sensitivity settings to prevent falls alarms
  • Set up a personal Alert Plan for in-app push notification for motion detection
  • Full HD 1920×1080 resolution with H.264 video format codec
  • Advanced night-vision, exceptional clarity within an 8m range
  • Outdoor or indoor use with an IP66 waterproof rating all in a compact and stylish design
  • Will never be affected by load-shedding
  • Most advanced and feature packed functionality in class
  • Packaged with an illustrated, easy installation guide as well as in app setup support

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Out of stock

A security camera with all the features you could ask for

100% Cable free setup option – There are traditionally two reasons why cables are required for a security camera, mainly power and data (the picture). This camera solves both these issues. Firstly, the included solar panel keeps the internal battery fully charged. Secondly, the data aspect is carried over Wi-Fi so there is no need for network or video cables. This means installation of this camera is a very simple DIY installation. If a security camera is needed at your gate, there is no need to dig up the driveway and run underground cables, making the setup of this security camera significantly faster and cheaper. For buildings and houses with flat concrete roofs or no ceilings this option is your answer. Another huge wireless advantage is that the unit is a lot less susceptible to lightning damage. Whether you want to run just one camera or a multicamera set-up, the DIY installation is as simple as screwing the camera and solar panel to the wall with the provided screws and wall plugs.


Solar Panel – Included is a compact solar panel that only measures 12 x 17,5cm and is designed to charge the cameras large built-in battery. The solar panel comes with a long 2.9m micro-usb cable, the advantage of this is you can mount your camera in its prime position and mount the solar panel in a position where is receives maximum sunlight. This could mean the camera and solar panel are on adjacent walls to other. On most other brands the solar panel is physically mounted on the top of the camera, all as one unit. This severely limits your placement options as the solar panel charging will not be effective if the camera is mounted in a position that is shaded all day. Another huge advantage of the separate panel is if you wish to use the camera indoors, and still wish to use the solar panel charging option, simply drill a hole through the wall and mount the panel on the outside. The camera has a standard micro-usb input for power and also includes a 1.5m cable to charge the camera. This is ideal if you are mounting the camera inside and do not wish to use the solar panel. No charger is supplied however any USB fast charger will work. Either of these two methods are a way of charging the camera’s internal battery. However, the internal battery has a very high capacity of 14400mAh, lasting around 300 days on a single full charge. This is based on if the camera wakes up 10 times a day and is active for 15 seconds each time. So, there are 3 versatile charging options to choose from, the use of the solar panel or to run it off a USB charger or thirdly, to simply charge it once every 8-10 month depending on usage. Being able to monitor the cameras battery levels from the App is a very handy safety feature.


Wi-Fi and App – The Wi-Fi capability of this camera allows it to send picture and video to your phone wirelessly. Setup requires a good stable 2,4GHz Wi-Fi signal, and the camera installation point should also be in range. A Wi-Fi extender may be necessary if the signal strength is not good at your further camera points. Better the Wi-Fi, the more responsive and reliable the camera performance will be when monitoring remotely. The video format used by the camera is the trusted H.264 codec to optimise bandwidth usage on your network. To also save on bandwidth and data the default picture is set to standard definition (SD). For an even clearer picture if required, simply select HD when viewing the camera. To view your cameras live, you will need install the free CloudEdge app.


Some of the main features of this user friendly, feature packed CloudEdge app are as follows:


  • Add multiple cameras to your portfolio as your system grows
  • Position the cameras motorized head with the on-screen joystick when viewing a camera
  • Set up an Alert Plan by choosing the day and times you wish to receive motion alerts, this can be set up individually for each camera
  • Adjust the detection sensitivity of the PIR pick-up sensor to minimize false alerts
  • Grab instant screen shots and record the video feed at the push of a button onto your phone
  • Have quick direct access to all clips when someone is detected on camera
  • Search via date and time to play back recorded video from the cameras MicroSD card
  • Personalise each camera with a name for ease of use
  • Use the camera as a video intercom by pushing the mic button on the app, the person on the other side of the camera will hear you and you will see & hear them
  • Keep a check on each cameras battery life if not using solar or power
  • Manage each camera’s MicroSD card from your phone by deleting and or formatting the card if full.


Motorized head – By using the handy PTZ function on the app, the camera can be remotely panned and tilted to position it where needed. For a closer view at something specific, simply pinch the screen to zoom in and out. The PTZ function greatly increases the area of coverage each camera can monitor. The camera head is capable of panning within a horizontal range of 336° and tilting vertically a 108° and in combination with the lens’ wide field of view, you can view all that’s required.


Picture – The camera is fitted with a full HD 1920x1080 resolution, 2MP progressive scan CMOS sensor. The picture quality is crisp and clear and with its high resolution the detail in the picture is outstanding. Where many cheaper cameras compromise, is in strong contrast, these cameras have an impressive dynamic range that handles the light and dark areas exceptionally well. This quality is also noticeable when the Night Vision mode automatically turns on in low light. The night vision is assisted with two built-in infrared LED lights emitting an 850nm wavelength, meaning you get excellent night vision with a distance of up to 8m. If there is other light present, it will complement the picture quality.


Internal camera recording –This camera has a MicroSD card slot for recording video footage when a subject is in range and motion is detected. Without this card option, as with many other cameras, you would need to subscribe monthly to a cloud-based subscription service to view the recorded footage. However, this camera accepts a MicroSD card with a maximum capacity of up to 128 gigs. This will give you approximately 300 hours of recording time in the default SD setting. All recorded footage on the cameras card can simply be sorted by date and time and played back for quick reference, via the phone app. If you want the back-up of cloud recording, this service is available to you within the CloudEdge App.


Other Features – The camera has a very effective and handy built-in Intercom System. A built-in mic and speaker on the camera enable you hear a person speaking near the camera, you can then intern talk back by pushing the mic button on the app. Ideal when the delivery guy arrives and you need to give instructions as you not in, or to simply instruct the kids over the cameras speaker while keeping an eye on them.


The camera also has built-in bright white LED’s and a siren. When in night mode you can select the strobe light and siren warning mode, which triggers when an intruder is in the vicinity. This is a real attention drawer with the bright strobing lights and siren and is therefore a brilliant first barrier deterrent.


Outdoor use - With an IP66 rating this camera is made to operate outdoors no matter the weather conditions. An IP66 rating means the camera is both rain and dust proof. It is also able to operate in extreme temperatures as low as -20℃ and up to 50℃, with a humidity rating of 95%.


Installation & Warranty – This unit is packaged with an illustrated installation booklet for easy set-up. This guide as well as the CloudEdge App will walk you through the setup process. Please note that there are other variables like your Wi-Fi connectivity that are beyond the control of the camera manufacturer or the companion app, so it is important that these are in order. However, if you have any issues with your purchase please reach out to your local agent.


The K&F Concept Security Cameras has full spares support in South Africa and comes with a one-year warranty. If you are looking for an excellent Security Camera to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F product.



FeatureK&F SecurityCompetitors
WirelessYes, months of wire free operation or attach Solar panel for recharging internal batteryWi-Fi for signal, but still a cable for power
Weather SealingIP66IP65
MicroSD Card StorageUp to 128gbNo card Slot
Solar PanelWith 3m CableMounted onto the camera limiting installation location options



Sensor type: GC2063(2MP 1/2.9" Progressive Scan CMOS)

Resolution: 1920x1080 (Pixel Interpolation 3MP)

Video Format: H.264

Wi-Fi Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (not 5GHz)

Gimbal Range: Support horizontal 0-336°pan rotation, vertical 0-108° tilt rotation

Microphone: Full Duplex Sensitive:≥-32±3dBm,IP66 Waterproof

Speaker: 8Ω/2W,IP66 Waterproof

MicroSD Card: Max up to 128G

Battery: 14400mAh / 3.7V

Working time: +/- 300 days on a full charge (10 times wakeup/day at 15 S/each wake up)

Power supply: DC 5V 2A USB connection (power supply not Included)

Operating temp: -20 ~ 50 ℃, Humidity <95%

Solar Panel Cable: 2.9m built-in Micro USB cable


What's in the box

1 x K&F Security Camera GW50.0001 or GW50.0002
1 x Solar Panel with 2.9m Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x 1.5m Micro USB Charging Cable (USB Charger not included)
1 x Screws & Mounting Kit for Camera and Solar Panel
1 x User Manual