K&F X-Pro Protective Filter Frame a Set of 2 10x10cm Square | KF31.038

K&F X-Pro Protective Filter Frame a Set of 2 10x10cm Square | KF31.038

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A protective holder to clip on the boarder of glass filters, encasing them for the K&F X-Pro Filter System.

– Square frames for K&F X-Pro filters
– Adds a protective boarder
– Sized at 100mm by 100mm for square glass filters from K&F
– Can help filters survive drops onto flat surfaces
– Has tabs for better grip and reduce the chance of fingerprints and smudges getting on the filter

2 x 100mm by 100mm Filter frames made up of 4 interconnecting pieces
1 x 1 Year Warranty

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In stock

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Protect your filters by encasing them with a protective frame.

K&F Concept sell filter glass with or without frames. This product is for use with K&F square filters when they don’t have a frame or you need to replace a frame. Adding this filter frame adds a protective surround to the glass and makes it useable in the X-Pro Filter System mount.

The Frame
These filters are encased within a frame which boarders the entire edge. It helps strengthen the filter and protect it from damage so they last many years longer. Accidental drops can happen and having this frame can save your filter if dropped on flat ground. It can’t protect against every drop or circumstance, but it can give the glass a better than average chance from heights as much as 1.5m. This protective surround won the iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. The frame is assembled around the filter with two prominent tabs, one on top and one at the bottom. These two tabs make it easier to hold, position and add or remove the filter from the X-Pro Filter system filter mount. Being able to hold the tabs also helps to reduce or even eliminate the need to touch the filter surface. So it keeps the filter clean and smudge or mark free.

Note: While the frame does snap together, it is not meant to be disassembled and then reassembled repeatedly.

The quality of the filters made for use with the X-Pro filter system is exceptional. The filters made for the X-Pro filter System fall under the Nano-X range. These are premium filters with exceptional optical performance. These filters are made from Japanese AGC optical glass. Manufactured by K&F concept in their state of the art facility. With grinding, double polishing technology, 28 layer coatings and several quality inspection steps to ensure a great product. The filter has coatings applied which increase its durability and reduce many of the negative effects long exposures are vulnerable to. The coatings reduce reflections, glare and ghosting but most importantly give true colour images without colour shifts. This ensures superior images which mean less editing and better results.

PLEASE NOTE… K&F Concept products bought from K&F South Africa or one of its authorised dealers carry a warranty against manufacturing faults. K&F South Africa also carry a full range of spares. Should you lose a locking knob or bend a tripod leg by accident, no stress, and no need to throw your gear away. This trusted brand with excellent user ratings and reviews have got you covered. K&F South Africa can get it repaired and up and running again in no time. If you are looking for excellent photographic equipment to last you many years, look no further than this quality-built K&F product.

If you are looking to expand the capabilities of your existing K&F Concept X-Pro Filter System, this is a great upgrade to your existing kit. Get greater control over your settings by controlling the light and mastering the images you capture.